Friday, August 27, 2010

The Silent Drum

During slavery and before slavery drums were used by our African ancestors to communicate with each other. Now we have e-mail, cell phones the size of peas, fax, voice mail, etc… We communicate through music be it gospel or secular. We communicate instantly through computers and some of us even think we can communicate through brain waves.

However we communicate, our talking drums are still in operation. It’s amazing how fast information can travel especially misinformation. Let’s see, someone sent me an e-mail telling me I and millions of other African Americans were going to lose our voting rights. I received a different e-mail telling me if I send the same e-mail that they sent me to seven other people, Bill Gates the founder of Microsoft and a billionaire would send me hundreds of dollars. Yeah….. Okay….

We have so many forms of communication so many virtual talking drums yet the drums are silent when it comes to the subject of HIV and AIDS. Where are the marches of protest, where are the chain e-mails telling each other how to prevent HIV/AIDS and reminding us to show compassion to those among us who are living with HIV or AIDS. Why have the drums been silenced? Is there a conspiracy? I believe it is. It’s the conspiracy of silence, the conspiracy of the silent drum.

Yes there are those who have picked up the Drums of Truth exposing HIV and have been banging loudly trying to warn others about the dangers of HIV and AIDS, yet their drums are not heard. The sounds from the Drums of Truth are drowned out by the sounds coming from the Drums of Fear. Why, because the Drums of Fear have more drummers.

There is a fear of the unknown (HIV and AIDS) and a fear of the known (stigma or mistreatment of those who are HIV positive by those who are not).

It is now time for us to silence the Drums of Fear by increasing the drummers who beat the Drum of Truth. Excuse the symbolism, nevertheless this HIV thing is real no matter how much we ignore the sounds of the talking drums of truth. Truth is that African Americans make up only about 12 percent of the population of the United States however we account for over 61 percent of AIDS cases newly diagnosed each year.

Now here’s the deal, those who beat the Drum of Truth are becoming weary yet they continue to get up, get out and talk about this pandemic (AIDS is no longer an epidemic because now it has made it’s mark all over the world) that has claimed and continues to claim many lives.

Will you join us at the Drums of Truth?


Anonymous said...

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Stephanie said...

@ Anonymous it is one thing to disagree with Rev Palmers views about same sex marriages and use the word of God and not your own personal views.
If you are so firm in your belief why hide who you are.
Rev Palmer has stood strong on his beliefs and not once did he hide behind a wall and throw stones.
I am praying that God will convict your heart and you will discontinue your verbal abuse.
God is not pleased with your behavior. Stop It!